Real Life Conspiracy Theories for Fiction

I've always been somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. I've backed off posting about them in the last few years because I have better success yelling at the wall in my bedroom.

Recently, though, I started to look up conspiracy theories videos to see if I can add any of the ideas to my books. It turns out that I never unsubbed to this channel who's talking about the conspiracy theory of the day, Jeffrey Epstein.

Whether you believe them or not, Conspiracy theories are good fodder for dystopia and post-apocalypse stories.

I'm not sure how much of this story I'm going to use. Most likely, the fact that the corruptions run deep. The many dead bodies that seem to pile up around the Clintons is a bit suspicious.

This theory became well known in the 90s.

Regardless if it is true or not, this is good fiction fodder. Just change the names and the situation a little, and you'd be good to go.

As for the Elizabeth Series, I'll probably briefly mention it from time to time. After all, in about twenty years or so, it will be part of our history.