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Zherosha Chronicles: Unknown Origin


Amnika sensed a small pulse of energy coming from Zakkon's tablet. He picked it up and studied it. "I'm afraid we will be getting into this battle a lot sooner than expected. One of the beacon ships we sent out reports a large fleet of these Destrien ships within the wall."
"Is that what you call them? Unknown bodies?" Sanna asked. "Inersien, 'mind bodies,' Natisien, 'strong bodies'..."
"Or Unknown origins, the names are not literal." Amnika was thoughtful. "I wish I could go."
"Well, you can watch from Nahbor." Sanna smiled at her.
"No." Father was firm. "Not at all."
Amnika began to protest, but quickly stopped when she saw the stern look on her father's face. It didn't prevent her from showing her disappointment.
"This is no ordinary raider attack, Amnika." Father sighed. "I will be in danger, and I do not want to worry about you."

Elizabeth: Heritage


I turned to face them. "This whole time, I didn’t know who I was…" I stopped and looked at Peter. "No one even bothered to bring this up to me when they got here."
"We weren’t sure how you would react."
"Well," I spread my arms out, still holding my purse in one hand. "I found out anyway, and here I am! Reacting!" I stared at them for a moment. "Take me home," I said. "I have a bone to pick with Mr. Cortez."

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