Engrave needs an App (and other ramblings)

(Warning, I'm all over the place... Good luck reading)

I do a lot on my phone. Fortunately, I blog mostly on my laptop, but usually, I would jot down a draft on my phone first. If I could do it directly into the blog post draft instead of my notes, that would be best.

July 1st and my second short story is now live on Amazon. I also have two free Kindle eBooks for a few days. Quick FYI - if you have an adblock on Firefox, the book images won't show up, so there's links to the books below.

I spent most of the day today, trying to promote my free books and do all the normal Monday routines. I've also been looking into finding ways to make some money so that my husband doesn't have to work so much.

After messing with Facebook today, it does seem that if I link to Amazon or my website, it's likely that not too many people will see it. I posted something about my books without links and people who normally don't see my posts actually like it. Facebook wants me to spend money that I don't have to promote, rather than take the traditional route of showing my links to just friends and family.

So, that's it. If the only think I can post is useless fluff, then I'm done. I'm here, re-establishing my steemit account and tying it to Dtube, steepshot, all the other associated sites. I do have friends and family on Facebook, so I'll probably be on there Saturday and Sunday to visit with friends and family.