I'm done

Facebook was supposed to bring humanity together. It was supposed to disseminate the truth through discussion as well as connect families who live far apart.

I have never seen the human race so divided... Divided into two camps: Complete-off-the-mark "right" vs. not-even-close "left." Each side is twisting the truth to try to win followers. Fear-mongering, cut-downs, they completely ignore any fact whatsoever. I found myself "defending" tyrants because before you can tell the truth, you have to - well, expose the lies.

But people on Facebook won't read the whole thing, just bite-sized chunks in the form of "memes." I get a lot of upvotes on memes - but you can't get the entire truth out that way - because the truth is more complicated than a cute picture with a catchphrase.

The most recent example has to do with Corona testing:

Yes, if there is more testing, you will find more cases. I don't get why this is so hard to understand. It doesn't increase cases, they've always been there, you'll just find them, and it would appear to spike. The right is using this to "prove" that the virus is a "hoax" (it's not), and the left is using this to make fun of the president and how stupid he is - except nothing he said false.

Another that bugs me: "Less than 1% of the population dies from COVID-19". This is true, but so is "2.7% of COVID-19 cases end in death."


The first takes the entire population into account, whereas the second only focus on the (tested) infected. Both sides use this to "prove" that they are the right and the other side is stupid.

And... the memes... Oh, dear Lord Almighty... the memes.


If you even try to explain the actual facts - suddenly you MUST be for the other side. I'm both an Alt-right nutcase and a racist liberal - at the same time - in the same thread.

So, I'm done with Facebook. I'm done with the childish arguments, I'm done with the pettiness, I'm done. I'm done.

Did I say I'm done? Because I am.

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay