Comedic Tragic Happenstance

I woke up this morning and checked my phone.

"Good News!" Mike's text came just before 7:00 this morning.

I checked the time. It after eight and I realized my sound was off. I always set it to silent when I go to Bible study at night, and I forgot to turn it back on when I got home. This one time...

Because I'm almost always home, I leave my phone in my room until after breakfast. Then I would check my notifications. So I didn't hear it.

Mike sent me this pic:

Fortunately, Mike was unhurt, and the car was actually repairable, but instead of maybe getting out of our financial black hole, we were pushed in deeper. It's gotten to the point that instead of being upset, I was amused.

Perhaps I should take a break from writing sci-fi and start writing about my life. Readers would be glued to the book as my life plays out in a slow, tragic, but comedic demise. What could possibly happen next?

Oooorrr.... maybe something will change, and my life will finally turn out for the better. Happy endings are always good, and I'm not dead yet. As long as I'm not dead, a happy ending is still a possibility.

I have to believe that.