Book Trailer


This is something I've made to promote my book.
I'm still getting used to posting on Blockchain. This was my first video on Dtube and it's likely not going to be my last.
My next adventure is to update my website. I've been working on some [information cards]( when someone asked what the hit dice was for a particular card. It was just supposed to be information cards, but now I've got an idea. It will be a little while until I implement it.
A few months ago, my laptop began to show signs of dying, so I backed up my files (so I thought) and bought a new one. It turns out that I didn't back everything up. I lost my blender files. So I have to recreate the "Blue Lady," and she might end up getting a makeover since I don't think I can make her exactly like she was. The good news is that she'll probably be better and more versatile.
Then there are the other characters: Amnika, Rhada, Anias, (etc., etc.) and of course the buildings and the city itself, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
I definitely need more artwork.

Zherosha Chronicles

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